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Extreme Wind - Forecasted Risk, Global (v1.0)


This is a daily dataset for the globe capturing the forecasted risk from extreme wind conditions for the next 4-14 days using a classification of wind speed values.

wind, global, hazard, risk, storm, damage, forecast
Temporal Extent:
2024-03-04 to 2024-03-13
11 km
Product Version:

Technical Description

The Extreme Wind Risk Forecast product captures the forecasted risk of extreme wind across the globe using proprietary forecasts of surface wind speeds. These products seek to identify areas across the region where forecasted extreme wind conditions may cause potential damage to life and property.

Global variations in building types and construction quality, building materials, and tree types can affect the risk from wind damage, and so the risk classes may not be directly comparable across all regions.

This Forecast Risk layer looks at the maximum of the daily extreme wind conditions across the globe for the next 4-14 days.

The following Extreme Wind Risk classes are used to classify the risk of wind stress:

  • No Risk (0) : No discernible threat to life and property
  • Low (1) : Low threat to life and property from wind
  • Moderate (2) : Moderate threat to life and property from wind.
  • High (3) : High threat to life and property from wind. Small branches break off tres, and loose objects are blown about. Isolated occurrences of damage to structures, and localized power outages may occur.
  • Extreme (4) : Extreme threat to life and property from wind. Wind damage can occur to structures, and large branches may break off trees. Loose objects can become dangerous projections. Widespread power outages may occur.

This dataset contains the following fields:

  • extreme_wind_risk_class: The extreme wind risk classification for each pixel location. The values are integers from 0-4 representing the extreme wind classes of No Risk (0), Low (1), Moderate (2), High (3), and Extreme (4).