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Extreme Cold - Anomaly, Current, Monthly Summary, Global (v1.0)


Anomalies can help identify variability more meaningfully than absolute values. High or low absolute values in one location may be ‘normal’ for that location while they may be catastrophic in another. The Extreme Cold - Anomaly dataset provides more meaningful local comparisons by capturing where extreme cold is unusual for a specific location.

cold, global, thermal, hazard, risk, stress, monthly, summary, temperature
Temporal Extent:
11 km
Product Version:

Technical Description

The Extreme Cold, Anomaly - Monthly Summary product provides valuable insights into the frequency of extreme cold actuals across the globe at a monthly timescale. This product seeks to identify areas where cold conditions may cause potential damage to life and property.

This dataset contains the following fields:

  • extreme_cold_anomaly_frequency: The product's ‘extreme_cold_anomaly_frequency’ field detects locations experiencing moderately low temperatures that are concurrently below the normal conditions for that area. It considers regional acclimatization and ensures an absolute baseline for classifying extreme cold events. Together, these indices contribute to a comprehensive evaluation of extreme cold events, considering both absolute thresholds for human safety and anomalies in temperature patterns relative to regional norms. This is the rate of days/month (between 0.0-1.0) where the mean daily wind chill is at or below the 'Low Risk' threshold (< 0°C) AND below the 5th baseline percentile for that location.