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Drought - Forecasted Risk, US (v1.0)


This is a monthly dataset for the US capturing the forecasted change in drought conditions across the country by the end of the forecast month.

drought, agriculture, forecast, usa, monthly
Temporal Extent:
1 km
Product Version:

Technical Description

The Forecasted Drought Risk product captures forecasted changes in drought across the US using forecasts of precipitation. These drought products seek to identify areas across the region where drought is either expected to develop, worsen, persist, improve or be removed.

The drought forecast is issued at the end of each calendar month and is valid for the upcoming month.

This dataset contains the following fields:

  • drought_outlook_class: The drought outlook classification for each pixel location. The values are integers from 0-4 representing the expected change in drought locations. Values of 0 indicate areas of no drought. Values of 1 indicate areas where drought removal is expected. Values of 2 indicate areas where drought improvement is expected. Values of 3 indicate areas where drought development is expected. Values of 4 indicate areas where drought persistence is expected.