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Wildfire - Active Fire Detections, US and Canada (v1.0)


This is a dynamic, near-real-time dataset for the US and Canada which provides the locations and metadata of high confidence active wildfire detections from multiple satellites. The data is updated every 60 minutes.

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Temporal Extent:
US and Canada
Product Version:

Technical Description

The Active Wildfire Detections product is a dynamic, near-real-time source of high-confidence, post-processed wildfire hotspot detections across the US and Canada from multiple satellites. These detections are filtered to remove low-confidence detections, and are enriched with metadata about the properties and location of the fire detection.

The detections are merged from multiple satellites which monitor the Earth for fire activity with infrared sensors. These detections are merged together, and then filtered to remove lower confidence detections. The remaining detections are then enriched with metadata such as whether the fire occurs over cropland, the confidence of the detection, and the satellite which detected the fire. Additional information such as the Fire Radiative Power (FRP) and the temperature of the fire are also included.

This layer is updated frequently (hourly), and can be used to monitor the latest detected wildfires across the US and Canada. The data is provided in GeoJSON format and can currently be delivered only as a flat file.

This dataset contains the following fields:

  • CONFIDENCE: Confidence of the fire detection from the original satellite's rating system
  • CROPLAND: Whether this detection occurs over cropland
  • DATETIME: UTC datetime of the fire detection
  • POWER_MW: Fire Radiative Power (FRP) of the fire detection, in MW
  • SATELLITE: Satellite which detected the fire
  • TEMP_K: Temperature of the fire detection, in Kelvin